Art For Arthritis

Art For Arthritis

I have been given the opportunity to volunteer for the”Art For Arthritis,” which pairs children with Juvenile Arthritis with local professional  artists.

Together they create beautiful and inspiring  works of art while building  pride and self esteem . I have been  paired with a delightful 7-year-old named Marianne, of James Island S.C. The paintings will go up for auction at the Annual Gala, called the “D’Vine Afffair,” to raise money for Arthritis Research, treatment, and education.

My favorite Palmetto palm was the subject of our paintings. 2012

Sandra J. Booker


KIDS GET ARTHRITIS TOO:  The motto for the 2013  D’Vine Affair.  Marianne and I painted together again, and our works were auctioned off at the  Affair in  September, 2013, with  the other Artists and Children.  Hundreds of people from the medical and business communities attend, and all proceeds go directly to  the Arthritis Foundation.


2 thoughts on “Art For Arthritis

  1. OH MY what a fantastic fund raiser and I am certain you have had a grand time making it happen. FOR SURE the palm tree will bring a huge price and will certainly be the BEST IN SHOW! This would have been a perfect excuse to head to Charleston but circumstances right now prevent it. Please keep us posted on the event…..I want to learn more.

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