Sandra J. Booker, an Indiana native, graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Nursing.  She has lived and painted in the Charleston, South Carolina area since 1988.  Over the years, her priorities were family and her nursing career, but since moving to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, she’s pursued her dream of being an artist that began with studies in Japan. She’s continued to attend workshops and to study throughout her career.  Her primary medium is oils.  Sandra is an active member of the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant Artist Guilds.  Her paintings have been recognized in juried exhibits throughout South Carolina, and her work is currently available at the Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay Street, Charleston, South Carolina, 29401.


Sandra J. Booker,  Palette Knife Painter


Sandra J Booker

It was not until I followed my husband to Japan for his tour of duty, that I was introduced to oil painting.  A Japanese artist taught a class on how to copy the masters. I fell in love painting with oils.

Back in the States, it was now time for a family and my career in nursing.  Over the years I  studied  art and painting .  It was not until I retired and moved to South Carolina that I was able to consider painting more seriously.  I took workshops from nationally known artists and started lessons with local artists.

The beauty of art continues in my life today.  My latest adventure started a few years ago when I took a workshop with Palette Knife painter James Pratt   http://jamesprattfineart.com.   I fell in love painting with the palette  knife, and a whole new world of painting opened up before me.  When painting with the palette knife one paints with thick paint , Ala Prima, a technique in which a painting is completed in one sitting.  Painting with the knife allows one to achieve vibrant colors and texture.  There is an excitement about the painting, an impressionist look.


Bold Knife Strokes From Sandra J. Booker

Highlights From :

Article by Scott D. Elingburg,

Special to The Post and Courier

 December 10,2015

“Her paintings highlight landscapes, birds  and Low Country scenes that  and are imbued with precise technique, bold and vivid colors, and a sense of wonder. The pieces that catch your eye are the pieces that have something extra about them: palette knife strokes. I found the palette knife liberating, and a challenge” Booker says. It is painting wet into wet, ‘ Alla Prima,” meaning all in one session instead of being built up layer by layer”
The technique is what pushes Booker’s work into a visceral realm. Seeing the lines, the cuts and knowing the pace that the images must be rendered brings and urgency to a still portrait. The animals captured on canvas with the palette knife take on a different life through the thickness of the paint. Booker brings a flare to her art though the use of the palette knife.”



Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 East Bay Street, Charleston S.C. 29401

843-722-2425      http://www.charlestonartistguild.com



Charleston Artist Guild Juried Exhibiting Member and Gallery Member.

Mt. Pleasant Artists Guild  “ Exhibiting Member”

Exhibits and Honors


PURCHASE AWARD city of North Charleston:  North Charleston Arts Festival

PURCHASE AWARD  SOUTH STATE BANK ,  Charleston Artists Guild Members Peoples Choice Award.


  • Charleston Artist Guild Members Show, Charleston Visitors Center
  • Magnolia Gardens Winter Gardens Exhibit Sponsored by the Charleston Artist Guild
  • Signature Exhibition – Charleston Artist Guild
  • Honorable Mention – Mount Pleasant Artists Guild Exhibit – Blessing of the Fleet “Hydrangea Still-Life”
  • 3rd place – “Sunflower Still-Life” Community of I’on Artists Annual Spring Fine Art Show
  • Starlight Pops Exhibition – Patriots Point
  • Spring Exhibit – Foot Light Players, Charleston Artist Guild


  • First Federal Peoples Choice Exhibit, Charleston, S.C.
  • Honorable Mention – Mount Pleasant Artist Guild Blessing of The Fleet Exhibit “Sunflowers”
  • People’s Choice Award – Mount Pleasant Artist Guild Blessing of The Fleet” Shrimp Boat Trio”


  • Honorable Mention – Mount Pleasant Artist Guild Blessing of The Fleet “Charleston House Embellished”


  • Patron Purchase Award – South Carolina State Fair “Boatman Cypress Gardens 2” Columbia, S.C.


  • Best In Show – Charleston Artist Guild Members’ Show “Vineyard In France”

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the “Shrimp Boat Trio”. I have always enjoyed walking the docks in the fishing towns and have always enjoyed that view.

  2. You have always been a very good artist, but I think you have found your niche with the pallette knife paintings. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Sandra, I just found this site. You have amazing talent. I tried to find you on facebook but was not successful. I use Janis Bearss on FB. We still live in Mexico. Hope you are enjoying good health.

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