Please contact me for information about available paintings or commissions.

Sandra J. Booker

21 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Some interesting work. Why did you decide to just use the palate knife? Can’t some very subtle things be done with brushes?
    Manfred J. Arther

    • The only time I might use a brush is when I can’t get something just right with the knife and
      I will draw or work it out with the brush first and go over it with the knife. Thanks for the Question.
      :Many painter use both knife and brush. I prefer just the knife.

    • One of the main reasons I choose the knife to create my art was because I
      felt that it had become dull and drab and it needed a real” Punch” to bring it to Life. The Palette knife brought texture
      vibrancy to my paintings. Thanks for your question.

  2. We just purchased “Sitting Pretty” and are now enjoying it in our Folly Beach house. We like it so much we are contemplating bringing it to our home in Virginia. Thank you!

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